Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Consulting

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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Consulting

RussiaForeign Corrupt Practices Act investigations and prosecutions are on the rise. Is your company at risk?

The FCPA makes it a crime for any US business or individual to offer or provide anything of value to a foreign government official with the intent to influence an award or continuation of business, or to gain an unfair advantage. The US Justice Department wants to ensure your company abides by the law. SBI wants your compliance program to identify and avoid the risks of doing business abroad so you can avoid corruption and costly FCPA fines.

We can help your company develop and maintain its FCPA program so that:

  • Your staff protects itself from personal liability by ensuring a robust, effective FCPA compliance program
  • Your company does not face the turmoil of an ongoing FCPA investigation, and the legal expenses associated with it
  • The company can pursue growth opportunities and work with foreign partners, while avoiding exposure to allegations of corruption
  • The company can avoid negative publicity associated with FCPA investigations and related legal proceedings
  • You can be sure your vendors and business partners have been thoroughly investigated

If you are already dealing with an FCPA problem, SBI can help. From conducting an internal investigation to preparing for legal proceedings, SBI can help you protect your company and your executives from costly legal proceedings, fines, or potential imprisonment.

Smith Brandon International, Inc. (SBI) conducts international investigations and global due diligence investigations. SBI provides actionable business intelligence and risk avoidance counsel to assist companies in their international operations. SBI's principals are grounded in investigative, analytical, and intelligence gathering techniques, drawing on decades of experience in the FBI, CIA, intelligence circles and the private sector.

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