Smith Brandon International, Inc. Recognized by The Financial Times

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Smith Brandon International, Inc. Recognized by The Financial Times
February 1, 2003


Smith Brandon International, Inc. (Washington, DC) has been recognized by The Financial Times for the past three years as one of the top corporate investigators in the world. The Financial Times (London, UK) is recognized as a leading authority on business, economic and commercial news in the international business community. The Financial Times, for the past several years, has published an annual survey that addresses business tools for corporations. The survey considers investigative and security firms in Europe and the US that operate on a global basis. Among the services covered by this series are background investigations and business intelligence services that are necessary to address corporate needs around the world, throughout the international business community. Among the comments on Smith Brandon International, Inc.: The Top Players in the Intelligence Industry (The Financial Times, 10/04/2001). One of a growing group of small specialist firms with strong governmental connections, this Washington-based group was founded by Harry Skip Brandon, a former FBI chief of counter-terrorism, and Gene Smith, a former prosecutor. Through an international network of contacts in the intelligence, business and diplomatic communities, Smith Brandon aims to provide political analysis and business intelligence of a quality that stands up to judicial scrutiny. Insecurity and Fear Feed a Once Secretive Industry (The Financial Times, 11/04/2002). While many security companies claim to offer a full range of services, Smith Brandon, the Washington-based group, is unashamedly specialised. It aims to provide high-level political analysis and business intelligence, while its New York office concentrates on due diligence and financial investigations. From Gumshoes to Forensic Analysis and Corporate Intelligence (The Financial Times, 2/04/2003). In the US Smith Brandon (International, Inc.) concentrates on offering high-level international political intelligence. Smith Brandon International, Inc. 1155 15th Street, N.W., Ste. 1002 Washington, DC 20005 Phone: (202) 887-9363 Fax: (202) 887-1395

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