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The Kreller Group Acquires Smith Brandon International, Inc.

CINCINNATI, Jan. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Kreller Group today announced its acquisition of Smith Brandon International, Inc. (SBI), a corporate investigations and risk consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. SBI will now be known as Smith Brandon International, a Kreller Company. SBI will continue to operate out of its Washington, DC office.

Both Kreller Group and SBI specialize in custom due diligence and investigations, offering a range of services to clients working worldwide. SBI's extensive network of global and US resources include businesses, financial, legal, diplomatic and law enforcement communities, as well as up-to-date Internet and media sources.

Paired with Kreller's global relationships, this network offers unique, real-time knowledge in an ever-expanding market sector. As information sources and systems change almost daily, and legal and political environments shift to meet a growing need for international interests, this kind of intelligence is increasingly important in the effort to provide valuable insights in context.

Founded in 1996 by a former CIA Operations officer and the former deputy head of the FBI's Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Intelligence efforts, SBI has maintained a sterling reputation within the professional investigations sphere, with deep expertise in complex business investigations and litigation support.

Kreller, founded in 1988, has been a leading provider of due diligence services for over 22 years. With the acquisition of Smith Brandon International, Kreller will be even better equipped to carry out mission-critical operations in a field where excellence is key.

"We are very excited to welcome Smith Brandon International to the Kreller family of companies," said Kreller's Founder and President, Joe Davidoski. "By all measures, it is a great organization with an excellent team. Our joint efforts will ensure the quality in reporting that has become a hallmark for our respective companies, and will allow us to improve and progress as we move forward."

About SBI:
SBI's principals, Gene M. Smith and Harry B. 'Skip' Brandon, have a lifetime of experience operating in challenging political and economic environments worldwide. Their record of success in meeting challenges is widely known and respected. The Financial Times listed SBI among the top companies in the intelligence and security consulting industry. SBI and its principals have been featured in PM Network (2009), Vital Speeches (2008), Harvard Business Review (2007), and many other media outlets.

About Kreller: 
Kreller Group provides international investigative services, FCPA/Compliance solutions, and business intelligence for multinational companies worldwide. Kreller's presence in over 200 jurisdictions allows us direct local access, which we combine with the strongest open source researchers in the due diligence industry. Kreller Group is fully-licensed, and engages efficiently, ethically and professionally to acquire the information our clients need.

Whether it's with "Boots-on-the-Ground" investigations or web-based support, Kreller Group has been dedicated to performing the highest quality service for over 30 years.

Smith Brandon International, Inc. (SBI) conducts international investigations and global due diligence investigations. SBI provides actionable business intelligence and risk avoidance counsel to assist companies in their international operations. SBI's principals are grounded in investigative, analytical, and intelligence gathering techniques, drawing on decades of experience in the FBI, CIA, intelligence circles and the private sector.

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