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International business environments are always in a state of flux, and it’s not always easy to figure out the implications for your business. Whether it’s a corruption scandal in Brazil, currency changes in India, or renewed sanctions on Russia, local issues can often have an unexpected impact on your international operations. Whether you’re just considering entering a new market, or you’re trying to come to grips with a new political paradigm, Smith Brandon International can help you assess the environment and position your company to succeed. 

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“Excellent report as always. We truly found it extremely helpful.”

DirectorEuropean Hotel Group

“As always, perfect. The client on the project in Taiwan was most pleased.”

DirectorInvestigative Firm

“ definitely helped [our division] and the whole company improve ... so [we] can make better informed decisions regarding our strategy.”

Strategy DirectorMajor Infrastructure Firm

“The reporting you just furnished us has helped us avoid a major mistake in looking at the potential new partner ... we are very pleased.”

VP for ComplianceInternational Construction Company

“Many thanks for your reporting and willingness to talk with us about what it means. You are correct, we do have an issue and we will take corrective action immediately.”

Corporate CounselInternational Pharmaceutical Company
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