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Recently authorities in Cambodia seized fake and expired pharmaceuticals from an importer, US authorities charged 22 Chinese importers with smuggling counterfeit goods, including cosmetics and luxury hand-bags, and Singaporean police raided four businesses with $1.03 Million in goods as part of an operation against counterfeit products.These are just a few recent examples, but there are many more. And these are just the cases that have been found out.

The products a company makes are it's lifeblood, and people selling fake copies can cost companies millions. One estimate from 2017 estimated that US companies lost $600 Million a year to counterfeit products. The the damage isn't just in direct sales lost either. The reputational damage of shoddy counterfeits, or expired or damaged goods sold as new, can hurt a company's image in the marketplace.

When you suspect that your products are being copied you need someone to help you find out what's going on so you can shut it down. Smith Brandon International, Inc. has experience helping companies to track down the sources of fake products. We also have experience helping to track down dealers making off-the-books sales of expired goods and products reported as destroyed or missing. We've helped our clients shut down these operations and helped them take steps to prevent the problems from recurring. We can also provide help in setting up your operations to help prevent these problems in the first place.

If you're worried about fake and shoddy products damaging your reputation call Smith Brandon International today. Our Corporate Investigations can help you to protect your bottom line, and your brand's good name.

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